Hey you! 

Thanks for visiting my website. 
My name is Ilse Haeck & I'm the hands, head & heart behind the brand Clayed. 

I fell in love with ceramics 7 years ago while following a workshop in the atelier of Françoise Busin, after a dear friend asked me to join a beginner's class.

I've been so lucky that the passed 7 years I've been able to participate in multiple workshops & lessons and that I was able to keep practicing in my own little garden studio.

Great teachers & mentors have crossed my path and now, 6 years later, I am making my own tableware collection and I'm so happy I can share my passion with you.

All products are handcrafted by myself behind the potter's wheel in my small garden studio near Ghent. My goal is to make authentic, sustainable & timeless pieces for your daily moments of joy.

All pieces are handmade from A to Z in small batches and with greatest respect for this beautiful craftsmanship that stole my heart.

I update my webshop multiple times a year, you can subscribe to my newsletter to know when the shop is restocked. If you want to know more about me and the slow process of making handmade ceramics you can follow me on Instagram @clayedcollection

Hope to see you soon
             - Ilse 

Handmade Ceramics by Ilse Haeck
Wheelthrown ceramics by Ilse Haeck


Ilse Haeck @clayedcollection


Ilse Haeck @clayedcollection